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Friday, October 17, 2008
NEW! Cold Smoked Wild King Salmon
Our goal has always been to produce the finest canned seafood in the gourmet market. I think we have really hit the jackpot with our latest canning of Washington Wild King Salmon, lightly cold smoked, skinless and boneless, in a byphenol-A free 6 oz. can.
These king salmon were caught in the Straits of Juan de Fuca and canned within two weeks of being caught. I have to admit that we didn't catch them....but we sourced our tribal fishermen and know that they were caught in an environmentally friendly way.

What is striking about this canning is the very subtle smoke flavor and the luscious texture which melts in your mouth. Many smoked fish products resemble hockey pucks which is why we choose to go the cold smoked route. When you open the can, you see the filet curl around in the can with no skin or bones to mar the light salmon color. The first test at home was to spread it on a toast point for breakfast and make two broiled salmon melts for lunch. There was enough left for some smoked salmon with whipped cream cheese on a Stacey's Pita chip accented with a tiny sprig of fresh dill.

Here are the prices. (Remember that wild King Salmon runs from $8.99 to $35.00 a pound in the retail fish markets)

1- 6 oz. can Papa George's Cold Smoked Wild King Salmon........$7.95
6- 6 oz. can Papa George's Cold Smoked Wild King Salmon........$45.00
12-6 oz. can Papa George's Cold Smoked Wild King Salmon........$88.00
24-6 oz. can Papa George's Cold Smoked Wild King Salmon........$175.00

Order our cold smoked wild king in the can by e-mail.
The shipping charges are $10.00 for 1,6, or 12 cans. $10 to $17.25 for the 24 cans depending on your location. East Coast is usually $17.25. West Coast is usually $12-14.00. Mid-West is $14-16.00. We don't make any money on all goes to biodegradable packaging and USPS or UPS.
24-6 oz.

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