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Monday, May 05, 2008
Papa George Tiny Coldwater Shrimp from Oregon
Just as we introduced a new seafood item (shrimp) to our store, a feature in the Sunday Seattle Times, April 20, 2008 to be exact, extolled the delicacy of tiny pink Oregon shrimp nestled in an artichoke. The author, Greg Atkinson, has always been a NW Chef who carefully sourced his local seafood and promoted fishermen. This article is beautifully illustrated by Barry Wong photography.

I was informed by this article that the Oregon Pink Shrimp fishery is the only shrimp fishery in the world certified "sustainable" by the MRC, Marine Stewardship Council. That gives the "little blue fish" award to our canned shrimp! These little shrimp, pandalid jordani, make a tasty addition to pasta and veggies as well as salads. Try some at our online store.

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