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Friday, March 14, 2008
Introducing our new products.....
Our chilly North Pacific Ocean provides one of the most delicious crab species near the coasts of Washington and Oregon. Anyone experiencing the fearsome pinch of a Dungeness crab might disagree that Dungeness tastes better than king crab or tanner. We couldn't resist the chance to co-pack with our friends at Nelson Crab in Tokeland, WA., who cook and can Dungeness. Papa George Gourmet Seafoods now offers a 6 oz. can of solid Dungeness meat, ready for salads or crab cakes.

In addition to the crab, we offer a 6 oz. can of Tiny Coldwater Shrimp, which is also co-packed with Nelson Crab. The shrimp is caught off the Oregon Coast. A drained can yields enough for shrimp & pasta alfredo for 3, or a 9 " shrimp & broccoli quiche.

Look for the new additions on our website.

Papa George Fancy Dungeness Crab 6 oz. can
Papa George Tiny Coldwater Shrimp 6 oz. can

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