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Friday, November 24, 2006
A Ticket to Ride

The 96' Brigantine Yankee

*Irving and Electa Johnson; The Yankee's Wander-world (National Geographic Magazine, January 1949)
*Irving and Electa Johnson; South Seas Incredible Land Divers (National Geographic Magazine, January 1955)

These articles in National Geographic were some background. My grandmother gave us National Geographic magazine from 1949-1969. This was typical for children of the '50's. Now I had to figure out how to convince the Johnsons to take aboard an 8 yr old girl on their next a cabin girl? The only useful skills I had were splicing an eye in and whipping the end of a manila line, steering a compass coarse, rudamentary chart reading, dish washing, and dreaming. My parents were the biggest problem I thought. My older sisters would be delighted to be rid of me for 18 months. I knew I could handle it. This confidence was born of ignorance. Heck I could steer a sailing dinghy with my feet and scull the skiff as fast as rowing it. A letter to the Johnsons was in order.

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