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Monday, February 13, 2006
Squid Market Closes for a Week
Our squid buyer has closed for the week. They are cleaning out their cold storage in order to accept more fish. While the moon is full, it is a good time to take a little time off. Steve is home with me, and the crew has scattered from Bellingham,WA to Ventura,CA.

Papa George Tuna will have upgraded labels soon to comply with the new "country of origin" and "transfat" labeling laws. We have to reflect that our fish has Transfats - 0 mg., in italic, and that Papa George Tuna is a product of the USA.

Several of our tuna customers enjoy our albacore as part of their weight loss diets. The Zone Diet has a good sandwich recipe if you scroll down their page on this link. The South Beach Diet offers albacore packed in water (try ours in its own juice!) on day 6 for dinner. Then the reliable Atkins Diet has spawned several websites who invent delicious recipes for line-caught albacore like this "Albacore Tuna Melt".

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