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Friday, February 17, 2006
Our Newest Canning
Our latest canning of gourmet albacore is one of the tastiest yet! It's almost sold out and I just picked it up from the cannery on Wednesday. I heard rumors of a newspaper article on the East Coast featuring troll caught albacore such as ours....the health benefits, etc. Several orders this week were from new East Coast customers.

On Valentine's Day, The Seattle Post Intelligencer recommended a pop-top can of tuna be included in your back pack for a hike. "Hiking burns calories, so you want to eat foods that give you energy and nutrition. You also want your trail snacks to be lightweight. Try these treats...
1. Tuna (cans with pull-tops) and crackers. "

Steve flew back to resume command of the Papa George. Our skiffman, Henry, has gone home to Thailand. He loves the lifestyle there, especially riding his elephants. Cameron will take over for Henry in the skiff, while Rich & Marcus maintain the deck. They have a market order for Sunday night, weather permitting. However, checking the report on Wunderground, it looks like they'll need to keep an eye on the rain related wind. Wunderground is a weather website which uses whatever Zip code you enter to give an indepth look at the next 5 days of local WX. I usually go to the Marine Forecast Link and compare it to the local VHF radio reports. We also check the buoy reports which give the most accurate swell conditions. Around San Pedro, the bouy 46025 is handy. The best weather indicator is to stick your nose around the breakwater and feel it all on your face and in your stomach.

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