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Thursday, February 09, 2006
New Product Line for Papa George Tuna
A new line of products will be introduced very soon to the website, Papa George Gourmet Albacore. We will feature a kosher line in both Original "cooked in its own juice", and in Extra Virgin Kosher Olive Oil. The can sizes will be 6oz. and 3.75oz. pop-tops. In addition, Papa George Gourmet will eventually can a Cold-Smoked Albacore in both 6oz. and 3.75oz.

Our label printer is busy on the proofs, and it will be two weeks after the labels are approved that they will roll off the press.

F/V Papa George skipper and husband is here on Lopez Island with me. His mother is very ill and we are both helping out in every way possible. Our boat is still fishing for squid in Southern California, but has been put on limit of 25 tons per night. Something is going on with the Chinese market at the moment, and we don't know exactly what it is.

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