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Friday, February 03, 2006
More Yin/Yang about Mercury
This early morning, KGO radio filtered out my husband's snoring until I abruptly woke up upon hearing another ad about mercury in fish. The gist of it was that mercury in fish is poisoning our children and we must restrict their fish consumption. The ad was a promotion endorsed by the Ad Council and Earthshare, as a PSA. It was featured on a program called "America in the Morning." Earthshare collects donations from around the country for its approved NGO's such as National Wildlife Fund, the National Audubon Society, etc., all in all about 40+ organizations whose goal is to support the environment. I am concerned that "mercury in fish" is often used today to scare parents and pregnant women away from our troll caught albacore. "Mercury in fish" is also a topic used to garner donations. This tactic hurts small family businesses like ours who responsibly bring an excellent product, like our canned albacore, to market. Papa Goerge Gourmet Albacore is beneficial to human health, whatever the age.

On the other hand, The Voice of America aired a brief discussion that featured the test results of children who ate very little Omega-3 oils vs. children whose mothers ate plenty of fish and fed their children fish. The test results startlingly show that fish oil is more beneficial for childhood development, socially and neurologically. The benefits of our troll caught albacore far outweigh the small amount of mercury ingested.

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