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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Squidly Doright vs. Murphy
The calamari on your appetizer plate might just be California squid. Our Papa George is seining for squid in the Channel Islands and last I heard, Squidly Doright was onboard. He makes sure that Murphy stays away long enough for our crew to land a boatload of squid. Avidly attacking our catch are sealions, seals, and seagulls. Milling around in with the schools of squid are mackerel and sardines....sometimes anchovies. Off in the distance are the migrating grey whales and acres of porpoise. Our catch is landed in Port Huaneme, CA. Trucks haul it to various packing plants where the ink bleaches out in icy totes, and the squid is boxed according to tentacles on/off, tubes/rings, or whole squid in 10 or 2 kilo portions. California squid is sold by the frozen 40' container load, and goes all over the world.

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