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Monday, October 18, 2004
Family Reunion and Fall Sardines
It has been almost two months since my last post. We had a two week hiatus from the farmers markets and Steve hired a relief skipper. Of course the first large Fall storm released a deluge of wind and rain on the Lovejoy family reunion which is held every year at Adams Fork Campground on the Cispus River on or about September 11th. It is in honor of Steve's parents, Clark & Phyllis's wedding anniversary, which is 9/11. This year was their 58th. Also present were two of Steve's kids, Tracy & Heidi, and his brother John, and John's girlfriend, Janice.

We always try to pick huckleberries, trout fish, and mushroom hunt. This year we were able to dine on brook trout with chantrelles sauted in butter, garlic, & sherry. Breakfast usually was a stack of blueberry pancakes, filled with our berries picked the day before. We ate alot, I guess to put on the winter fat layer.

The National Weather Service has declared that we are in the midst of an Indian Summer. It seems that way since the sardines are still around the Washington Coast and Steve and the F/V Papa George are fishing every fishable day. Yesterday was a "weather day" and Steve stayed in port. One terrific site for weather the fishermen use is sponsored by the Columbia River Bar Pilots. It provides coastal weather, sea surface temperatures, buoy reports, and predictions.

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