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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
First Weather Day in Astoria....and a wet market
A Day at the Dock: The weather has been awful but Steve perservered yesterday and brought in 40 tons of sardines. It was so foggy that the boats ran North toward Westport without the spotter pilot, Johan, only to call him when they saw a small break in the clouds. Johan had to fly through terrible conditions to reach the boats. He set all three and then disappeared up into the clouds to find his way back to Astoria.
Steve and the boys ripped the net, but saved the fish. The fish pump at the plant broke down so unloading commenced at 10 am. this morning. After the sardines are unloaded, they will clean the hold, take ice, and button up the hatch so that the net can be run forward through the power block onto the hatch and the sewing can begin. They want to be able to fish tomorow if the weather improves.

A Wet Weekend at the Farmers Markets: The rain clouds gathered on Saturday and began a deluge at 3 PM. Sunday was really wet but our customers were undaunted by the downpour. Most Seattleites have umbrellas.Next weekend we will have smoked sardines to offer at our booth.For some general information on Pacific Sardines check out the BC website on pilchards .According to the California Department of Fish & Game the sardine resource is now officially recovered and sardines are one of the best natural sources of Omega-3 fatty oils. This link refers to the nutritional analysis of canned sardines. Sardines are rated high on the "eco-list" for a safe & sustainable resource. This link has a delicious recipe for sardines in putanesca sauce.

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