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Monday, July 05, 2004
F/V Papa George homeward bound to Washington
Captain Steve and Marcus the crew are steaming North against 30 kn NW winds and rough seas. Steve is out of phone range now but I know the weather is improving considerably and they should be outside of Crescent City, CA and be in Coos Bay/Charleston in 24 hours. Our code group is fueling up in Charleston because the price of fuel is forty cents a gallon cheaper there than in California. What is a code group? It is a group of fishermen who have the same VHF radio which has a special chip which distorts and garbles the sound to anyone else trying to listen in on the same frequency. In this way our small group of fishermen can share information about good fishing without attracting a crowd. We also use sideband radios for longer distances as well as inmarsat-C which is just like e-mail. It is secure also. Steve hopes to fish for albacore until our sardine plant is ready to receive fish in Astoria.
We have some wonderful folks in our code group. The boat names of a few are the Shamrock II, the Roggie, and the Misty R. More news on albacore trolling soon.

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