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Sunday, July 11, 2004
Cape Blanco Scores and Farmers Market Soars
Last evening Steve heard his Nextel Direct Connect beep "on" so he called me with a tuna score. They had been pulling all day on and off and had put down 185 fish with a night bight yet to go. Both Steve and Marcus were dog tired from the tough pulling conditions. We used to have hydraulic gurdies which aided albacore catching considerably but with a seine skiff chained to the tilt stern, there is no stern to which pullers or gurdies may be attatched. So the fish must be pulled in hand over fist.
Needless to say, they will be nursing sore muscles today.

Our University Farmers Market at 50th & University was very busy yesterday. Our regular customers bought a lot and visitors to Seattle who stopped at our booth took home cans of albacore. We have received many requests for the "Tuna and White Bean Salad" recipe. If you scroll down to the previous post on this blog, you will find it.

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