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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Catalina Sardines and Farmers Market Goodies
Captain Steve is sardine fishing on the far side of Catalina Island, CA. The sardines are bigger there but the drawback can be too many anchovies. If only the fish would swim around in tidy schools, each to its own species and size. We usually go around the West end and fish "around the corner". Steve and I have spent some fun days anchored up in Cat Harbor. His father, Clark Lovejoy, was stationed at Cat Harbor during WWII and some of the original buildings are still being used.

The University and West Seattle Farmers Market have been underway for several weeks and have been somewhat rainy. We have had fun reaquainting with customers who make these markets elevating and enervating. I am joined by Bob Johnson who is helping me with the heavy lifting since I am battling a bout of sciatica. Also Connie Ivey-Pasche is helping me on Saturdays at the University Market. Check out the fresh sheet on the Seattle Farmers Markets website

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